American Kouture is a luxury brand specializing in prêt-à-porter, custom and one-of-a kind garments. American Kouture: bringing the masses back to caring about fashion and how they dress and present themselves in public. Affordable Luxury. Casual Luxury

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American Kouture is about being impeccably dressed in your everyday life. Casual and affordable luxury. The brand can dress everyone from the smallest baby to adults who care to make a statement with their fashion sense.

American Kouture is menswear, womenswear, children’s wear, home wares and accessories. The brand creates ready-to-wear to couture, costume to custom.

AK uses the finest materials for the design idea. Silks, wools, cashmere, linen… The best materials makes the best garments. There is a need to return to dressing for style, taste and class.

American Kouture has always been an idea waiting to happen. The brand was launched officially in NYC in 2014, but American Kouture has been an idea since the late 1970’s. Sometimes you have to wait for perfection to arrive.


Style, Taste and Class

All the money in the world CAN NOT buy you, “STYLE, TASTE & CLASS, it is something that you are inherently born with. – Al-Karim

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